Welcome to GoUI.net

This is the homepage for David Beaumont and a place where you can find a little information about me and links to some of my software projects.

Who am I

I am a software designer living in Zurich, Switzerland. I went to Warwick University and graduated with a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computing, and an M.Sc. in Parallel Computers and Computation. I worked for Tao Group Ltd. for 9 years, writing a lot of the core graphical classes for the Intent Java runtime environment. I have extensive experience in the design and implementation of functionally complex Java libraries using everything from Java to assembly language in order to achieve fast and efficient results.

The Intent Java runtime is a fast and efficient Java implementation targeted at PDAs and smartphones. At the time of writing (April, 2006) the Intent Java runtime holds almost two thirds of the top 20 positions in the JBenchmark 2.0 rankings, including first place.

I started work with Google in 2007, first with the mobile team in London, then transferred to Zurich to work with the Africa team, and now work with the internationalisation team.

Away From Work

I am sure it is no surprise to learn that I also write programs in my spare time. I enjoy solving problems and would rather create something to do a job properly than suffer having to use bad software. I have also helped Arline, my girlfriend, set up a website for her jewellery business using OsCommerce (e-commerce site now retired).

Away from the computer I enjoy motorbiking, snowboarding and (British weather permitting) skydiving. I hold the Advanced Rider IAM certificate for motorbike and was an active member of the Thames Vale Advanced MotorCycling group (TVAM) before moving to Switzerland.


Currently two of my Java based projects are available on this site, GoLayout and GoSecure. Each comes with full documentation and a simple test applet. Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to offer the source code for these classes just yet, but I will do so as soon as possible.

Why GoUI

I originally started looking for a nice, short, domain to use as a homepage and for my online projects. At this time I was already working on a password generation applet and an improved AWT layout class; which became GoSecure and GoLayout respectively. As both of these projects deal with user interfaces (UIs) at some level, GoUI seemed appropriate. However it is also appropriate because goui (合意) is a Japanese word meaning "consensus", or more literally "a coming together of ideas".

The site was written by hand using CSS and is best viewed using Firefox or the KDE Konqueror browser on Linux. Unfortunately many versions of Internet Explorer do not fully support CSS and when viewing this site using IE some visual aspects may not appear correctly. I could probably spend a few months fine tuning things to work better with IE, but it's really not a very compliant browser and I strongly recommend switching to Firefox if possible.

The background was created using the Apophysis fractal flame generator on Windows and the various logos were created in the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) on Linux. All design and content of this site is Copyright © 2005-2012 David Beaumont.

At the time of writing (April 2005), these are the current JBenchmark 2.0 rankings and scores for some of the devices running the Intent Java runtime:

Rank Score Device Rank Score Device
1 1183 i-mate SP5 11 559 Qtek 9100
3 809 Qtek 8010 16 513 Orange SPV C550
5 809 Qtek 8310 17 512 Dopod 818 Pro
6 706 Cingular 2125 18 504 T-Mobile MDA Vario
7 705 Orange SPV C600 19 501 Dopod 838
9 580 O2 Xda II 20 498 Orange SPV M3000
10 567 Asus P505