An Example of Using GoSecure

Enter Account Details

Suppose John Doh wants to manage a password for his new account on http://www.globalshop.com so the first thing he does is launch the GoSecure applet and enters his user name johndoh into the Username field and the website domain globalshop.com into the Service field.

Example 1

Enter the Passphrase

Because John is a fan of Oscar Wilde he has selected a quote upon which to base his passphrase; "A kiss may ruin a human life". By simple obfuscation of this memorable quote he has come up with the passphrase AK155MayRu1nAHumanL1fe, where spaces are removed, letters are replaced with numbers and the first letter of each word is capitalised. He enters this into the Passphrase field.

Example 2

Adjust Constraints

The website requires that any passwords must contain at least one non-alphanumeric symbol but it has a maximum length of only 10 characters. So John sets the Length to 10 and selects the Symbol type.

Example 3

Generate Password

Now he clicks on Create to generate the password. Notice how that now a password has been generated, the input fields are disabled to prevent any unexpected changes occurring. In order to be able to alter any of the settings, the Reset button should be pressed.

Example 4

Create Bookmark

Having got his password, John wants an easy way to recreate it when he is away from his home computer. To do this he clicks on the Dump button which brings up the following window.

Example 5

He then selects the whole of this URL and adds to his bookmarks. Now when he visits this URL and enters his passphrase, his original password is recreated. Try it now by clicking here, entering the passphrase AK155MayRu1nAHumanL1fe and pressing <RETURN>.

Finally, because John wants to access this password away from his home computer, he adds the URL to a page on his website which he can access from anywhere in the world.

Note that the passphrase chosen in this example isn't particularly strong, as it is both too short and a little simplistic in its construction. Also note that the last image of the parameter window, in which the URL is shown, was resized for display purposes. When using the GoSecure applet it should appear at the correct width to show the full width of the URL.